“I am happy to share being a client of Heathers from BeGrounded Massage, for 10 years!
I suffer from chronic neck pain and without massage therapy daily life would be very difficult!
Heather is a holistic clinician with professional experience in massage therapies.
I am grateful for her healing techniques and recommend her highly for massage therapy.
Your truly amazing in your profession, Thank you, Barb”
~Barb, Nurse Practitioner
“I have known Heather Smith, RN, LMT, PTA for 20 years as a healthcare practitioner and also as a friend.  She is compassionate, professional and ethical. I highly recommend Heather to anyone needing a massage and have regularly referred my patients to her over the last 2 decades.  Heather always gives a terrific massage and listens to the needs of the client.”
~Laura Nathanson, DC Union Chiropractic, Sudbury MA
“Thank you Heather for another incredible massage! I always feel more limber and relaxed after a massage on your table. You are so good about making me feel comfortable and calm with your soothing nature and the ambience in the room. It’s so refreshing to feel the tension and stress leave my body. You are a miracle worker and I can’t wait to be on your table again!”
– Colleen, Registered Nurse
“I started seeing Heather for chronic pain and she really listened to my needs.  Her massages are not only therapeutic but completely relaxing. Her technique, skill and professionalism are second to none.”
~Pamela, Clothing Stylist
“As I play many roles in life, I am constantly stressed. Heather has the ability to help my body relax and heal. She knows how to attend to my needs and provides me with soothing and therapeutic treatments with just the right pressure and rhythm. She is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Every treatment is a fantastic healing experience! I highly recommend her.”
~Itala, Headshot/Personal Branding Photographer
“When I went to Heather for a massage, it was like a breath of fresh air!  She incorporates such a healing energy that really impacts the depth of her work.  She was very in tune with my needs and was able to individualize the massage to fit my body. She has such a thorough knowledge of her practice which cannot go unnoticed.  Heather comes with my highest recommendation!”
~Jessica, Supervisor/Health Insurance
“I had a lot of knots in my upper back and shoulder area that Heather noticed right off the bat.  I was dealing with a lot of stress at that time and she helped to alleviate a lot of that and relax those muscles. I definitely plan to see Heather again.”
~Dennis, Food Service Director
“Heather’s healing hands and kind heart have helped me in many ways.  I look forward to my monthly massage. Heather is trustworthy, non-judgemental and will make you feel at ease and comfortable.  I would recommend Heather in a heartbeat for massage/reflexology as a great way to take care of your body and mind.”
~Susanne, RN BSN
“I always look forward to my appointments with Heather for a massage treatment. She is very professional and very well trained. She spends extra time on the areas  where I have tight muscles, and I can feel the difference. I look forward to talking with Heather, she is very relaxed and has a  great personality. I highly recommend her to you.”
~Joan, Geriatric MSW
“Heather is FANTASTIC! I recently had a hip replacement and she gives a relaxing and therapeutic massage. I would HIGHLY recommend her massage service!”
~Bob,Advertising and Media
“Heather is the best massage therapist that I have ever had.  She is a good listener, patient, kind and understanding.  She gives me a strong, thorough all body massage and she knows all the parts of my body where I usually hold stress and tension.  Sometimes I feel myself completely relaxing and zoning out at the end of a session with her and I don’t want to get up and off the warm, soothing table.  I look forward to seeing Her every two weeks.  I feel like I am finally spoiling myself with loving kindness after being a hard working full time mother since I was twenty-three years old and raising nine exceptional children that I am extremely proud of.  Thank you for your superb service. “      
~ Bonnie, Empty nester, mother of 9