Heather-Smith-Massage-Therapist-Begroundedmassage.comHeather Smith, Massage Therapist

Heather has been working as a healthcare practitioner in the wellness industry for over 20 years. She is a registered  nurse with Holistic Nurse Certification, a Physical Therapist Assistant, and a Licensed Massage Therapist

She works with individuals of all ages with various therapeutic needs including athletes (at all levels),  people dealing with acute or chronic injuries, individuals seeking deep relaxation to manage stress and anxiety, and patients dealing with cancer and other major illnesses.

Heather also specializes in working with expecting mothers during and after pregnancy and the benefits of infant massage and enhanced bonding for both mom and dad.  From toddlers to teens, her services can assist in their growth, development, and ability to self sooth.

Heather’s greatest joy is providing compassionate massage and other modalities that allows her clients to relax and find  balance (physically and emotionally) in order to help facilitate healing and awareness and interconnection of their mind, body,  and spirit.